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How to trick website about the device you’re using.

How to trick website about the device you’re using.
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Tricking websites about the device you’re using is one of the simplest things we do geeks. For these geeks that really care about their information they share about on the internet and their our own personal privacy if you are that person then this site is for you. I just hate it that these big tech companies sell our data to advertising networks at a cheaper price without asking for our consent about the data they harvest from us. Everyone has the right to their own privacy. Even if you’re the type of person doesn’t really care about your data been saved up in some unknown clouds. Probably that data will come up and be used against you at a later time in life.

Okay enough of the privacy staff the reason why created this website is because I want to teach about how to somehow dodge this big tech company’s harvesting techniques. So that is why share some simple ways of how to do it.

If you are a fun of browsing in private zones then I think this website will really help you. Just stay tuned in fact I even encourage you to subscribe so that you never miss a post.

There are times when we want to visit certain website but, we can’t due to some restrictions to some sites they give you information based on your location and device. For example did you know that it is possible to upload photos on instagram using an iPhone browser? Yes it is that means if we use this script am about to teach you an disguise ourselves we can visit instagram on our pc’s and upload photos check this post if you would like that How To Upload Photos On Instagram Using A Pc

Did you also know that apple users have a bit of more advantage at viewing sites differently?

Yes it pretty hates, but with this script we won’t be worried we are also going to be viewing websites in the same way they do.

Okay the method we are going to use is the same method we used in How To Upload Photos On Instagram Using A Pc in that post we used a script called Agent Switcher. In these article we are also going to use the same one.

All you have to do is download the following links:

For chrome users here is the link User-Agent Switcher.

For Opera users here is the link Agent Switcher.

For Firefox users you can download it from here.

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