Top Best Search Engines That Don’t Track You

Top Best Search Engines That Don’t Track You

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We all know that Google is the best search engine on the planet because, of its advanced algorithm to find the most relevant information that we need.

Why does Google out stand other search engines?

Google doesn’t really focus on keywords inputted by the user to compare them with keywords on websites. If Google used to use that method I don’t think it would have been the best search engine.

In the past Google used to use the same method but; people took advantage of the method by inputting fake keywords which are different from the website to manipulate search engines to rank them on top of search engine pages.

Google so that problem, and stopped ranking websites using keywords. This how Google works; whenever someone inputs words to search in Google tries to find the context, and not the keywords this really helps Google to find relevant information but this is not only factor that Google uses it has about 250 factors the algorithm uses and nobody knows what factors are these. That is why you always find relevant information.

So, what is the price of using Google’s search engine?

In this day and age where data is so important that it doesn’t matter where it comes from; As long as the data can be used to personalize ones taste of favorite things they enjoy doing on their devices. I still think that this data Google collects from users is not only used for selling to third parties.

Why would you be spending millions of dollars to keep data of people and, then sell them for a small amount of $5? The saying of “we only use the data we collect for only personalization of ads” is a huge lie. I’ll just leave it there for you to think about it. I don’t want to start talking about conspiracies because, I love technology & I hate it when tech gets mixed up with hidden conspiracies.

The Democratic Rule

So back to the main topic even though people say that Google is the best it’s not totally true it’s only the number of users that say that Google is the best. Remember we leave in a democratic where everything is only considered to be a winner only if the majority says it’s the winner. What if the majority is wrong? Have you ever thought of that before? But there is nothing we can do since that’s only way we have found to be fair when it comes to politics and elections still, fraudsters are never absent.

There are still good search engines that are really good at bringing up relevant information and on top of that they even respect your privacy. One of toughest things that ever faced in tech life is letting go of Google completely because, I used to think that Google was the best. Yes it is still, the problem is i am a guy that takes my privacy very serious, I don’t like it when people look at my things I consider it to be thievery.

Last year I made up my mind to stop using Google search engine completely it is one of the toughest decisions have ever made. I still managed to completely get away from it; think of it like me stopping using Google was like quitting smoking which is completely hard to do.

Okay guys sorry for the long bubbling you never came here to hear about why i hate using Google you probably came here because of the title and it is.

You see I have personally used this search engines and I really recommend them for you to use.

DuckDuckGo (DDG)

Let’s take a look at this search engine why is it the first on this list?

This search engine was belt with privacy in mind. It is one of the most successful privacy oriented engine that stands as an alternative to Google. According to Wikipedia in May 2012 DuckDuckGo powered about 1.5 million searches a day.

DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that emphasizes on protecting searcher’s privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results. This means that DuckDuckGo does not personalize its user’s searches by keeping what they searched. It does not store IP addresses of its users, does not log user information & uses cookies only when needed.

Imagine if you used Tor browser + DuckDuckGo that could mean that the chances of your identity being known are at less percent because, DuckDuckGo already uses tor on their search engines so that no one can act as a middle man to users steal data.

Now that’s what I call Zero worry from search engines. On top of the above DuckDuckGo also has a clean easy to use user experience you don’t need to be a nerd to use DuckDuckGo. If you are a person that takes privacy very serious I would recommend you to use Tor browser and DuckDuckGo has your default search engine that way even if their chances of your identity ever being known are still 1 -10.

Here are lists of features for DuckDuckGo;

  • Doesn’t track you.
  • Uses Proxy
  • Doesn’t share users information with other sites
  • Doesn’t follow you on other websites.
  • Protects users identity from other websites
  • Does not store user IP addresses.
  • Does not log user information.
  • Uses tor networks.
  • Easy user experience.
  • Does not contain a lot of ads.
  • Does not personalize search results.
  • Does not personalize ads for users.


Startpage is a partly European search engine. Startpage is well stylish search engine that’s look almost like Google. On the 28th day of Startpage reached their latest record of daily direct queries of 5.7 million. Startpage is formerly called Ixquick, Ixquick was merged with Startpage.

The search engine allows users to open all search results via Ixquick proxy service. Startpage search results are powered by Google and other search engines.

So, you actually don’t lose anything by using this search engine; for these of you who are addicted to Google it’s, like using Google but with a lot protection. It also has a privacy email called StartMail. On 28th of January 2009, Startpage completely stopped recording users IP addresses.

  • Doesn’t share users information with other sites.
  • Uses Proxy.
  • Protects users identity from other websites
  • Does not store user IP addresses.
  • Log user information only for 90 days
  • Easy user experience.
  • Does not personalize search results.
  • Does not contain a lot of ads.


Qwant is another descent search engine that you can use as an alternative to Google. Qwant is search engine created by French company Qwant. It launched its eponymous web search engine in July 2013.

It claims not to employ user tracking and it does not personalize search results in order to avoid trapping users in a filter bubble. Most of Qwant search results are powered by Bing except for France and Germany. The website process over 10 million search results per day and over 50 million individual users a month worldwide.

When I tried visited the search engine on a smart phone the user experience wasn’t that good. The site was clouded by a lot of news which in my own personal view is not a good thing.

Here are some features it has;

  • Doesn’t personalize search results
  • Doesn’t personalize ads for users
  • Protects users identity from other websites
  • Easy user friendly (Only for pcs)

If you think there is a search engine that i left out, feel free to comment down so that i can review it and add it to the post.

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