How To Secure Your Phone From Hackers

How To Secure Your Phone From Hackers


There Is an increased usage of people turning to their phones as their main primary means for going online these is because mobiles are portable making them easily portable and there also becoming smart than ever with every year that goes by.

There is also an increase in using smart phones for storing sensitive data. The 2015 Pew Research Center Report also shows a full 57 percent of smartphone users doing their online banking on their phones.
In this day and age of where hackers can easily steal your data and a month can’t pass by without hearing of scandals about big tech companies being found harvesting users data using their massive data tools.

The second part is there also hackers who are even more thirsty and stubborn to steal data for their own profit gain.
Cyber-criminal can learn all there is to know just by hacking you phone. Your device usually contains and transmits huge volume of sensitive info than your computers.

How can you leave in a world where all eyes are on you?
Your data is so precious to them that they’ll use any technique just to get that data from you, no matter what the cost might be.

The goal is to harvest huge data from users.
The latest Wikileaks documents dump about the CIA’s computer hacking tools. The CIA and the FBI have shown how they’re hungry for data if you look at how they are forcing companies to create tools for high jacking phones with tough security measures.

Sharing Sensitive Data

If you are one of the 1 billion users of Facebook who shares sensitive information like Passport No, Phone numbers and credit card information. You mostly likely to be vulnerable because if CIA and other government institution want more information about you, all they have to do is just visit Google, Facebook and other Social Media companies they’ll give them without any second thoughts.

Did you know that just your emails can be used as evidence against you in the court of law? One thing you should know that this companies don’t play safe they act in a good way only when everyone is looking while everyone looks the other way they begin their dirty games.

The funny part here is that these same people that develop software’s tools that harvest data from users forget, that if they leave there companies they’ll become civilians meaning that these same companies that they were working for will begin harvesting there data as soon as they leave.

Opening Emails

These days just opening an email will make you venerable to all kinds of computer malware’s. It’s such a simple way to fall in the traps of hackers just by falling fall there breadcrumbs. You must know that these time and age you must be really careful of how you handle and use your devices.

This article is not only for the people who are conscious about their privacy. A lot of people are discovering how to secure there device, only if something happens to them like someone steals there credit card information or other important info.

Chances are that the main reason why you are reading this article is because you’re tired of hearing security breaches or you are deeply worried about your privacy and you need to do something about it really fast.
Don’t worry I can understand a glimpse of your worry. You and me aren’t really different I was once worried just like you such that I had to take security measures to fight off the bad guys.

I am going to show you methods of how you can secure your phone with easy and simple methods you can easily manage without even noticing that you just applied some new skills.

Please Note that methods am using having proved by security forensics. These are the best methods out there that are going to really help you. Also not that for full protection of your device you will have to adjust some of your habits.

Top Best Secure Your Phones
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1. Lock You Device

That’s the most basic rule, the same basic rule can prove to very useful especially when use lose your phone. Chances are that the person who will pick up your phone will fail to see anything about that phone especially your lovely photos. Always display your info on the lock screen so that anyone who picks up your lost device can easily contact you.
Setup emergency contacts visible from pin entry screen. On iPhone you can set this up in the Health app by filling info in the Medical ID and making it visible from the lock screen. On Android depending on the Android OS version, it can be found in the settings. This might help when something happens to you someone can easily call your family or friends without having to unlock your device.

2. Use A Strong Password

The second basic rule is always use a strong password or pass-code. This will also strengthen your device. Don’t use the same password for different social media accounts and emails. If you do, go and change right now because you never know maybe someone is spying on you without letting you know.

If you’re not that good at remembering passwords use a password manager like 1Password so, that you can use it for organizing your passwords for different accounts. That way you keep track of all your different passwords.
Also try to stay away from using low quality passwords such as using your mother’s maiden name, date of birth, phone number, kindergarten school name or street address, because these information can be easily taken from your social media accounts.

These days a 4 and 6 digits passcode can be easily unlocked try at least using 8 – 16 code.
For a password use upper and lower case letters mixed with numbers and symbols example if my password is “Operation1990” I would transform it in to this “[email protected]” or “Africa2230” => “@[email protected]” this way even if your password is not that long but you have used such this method the chances of someone ever knowing your password are down to less. You should know that hackers use a dictionary and software that will try every English word so if your password was one of the simple English words your password will be easily discovered.

3. Use An Antivirus

Use an antivirus on your device so, that it can help you scan your device for any potential malware apps and see how apps are working. If they are behaving funny it will let you know. There are different apps on both Apple and Google play store like Avast and Cm Security.

These apps can also let you lock apps and folder using a different password or pattern. For example if someone snatched your phone while you were using it, even if the phone was unlocked that person will still need a second password to unlock your device to access other apps.

4. Download Apps From Default Stores

Always download your apps from trusted default stores, don’t download apps from third party places because you never know what that app contains. It could be loaded with malware that could be working against. Always review the full detailed description of what kind of permission the app will request for before you install it, because some apps will be asking for camera permission when they don’t even need access to that.

5. Encrypt The Phone

These is one of the most important features that must turned on when you just buy the phone some phones come with these feature already turned on. If your phone is encrypted your data is scrambled up such that no one can make sense out of the data.

Even when the CIA come knocking at your door and take your phone they can’t have access to your phones data no matter what until you give them the password. This feature is one of the best so don’t neglect it.

6. Use A VPN

If you are the type of person that normally uses public Wi-Fi and you know you can’t stop the habit of doing it then you should definitely consider using a VPN. You should know this when you’re using public Wi-Fi you being exposed to a lot of dangers. Worse when you are even entering passwords or important ID credentials on public Wi-Fi anyone can steal these data without you even noticing.

Also disable automatic connections to open Wifi and only connect to trusted networks. Using public Wi-Fi is like having unprotected sex when you are only a female and 17 years old and you don’t want to fall pregnant but, you still go ahead. Whenever you use a public Wi-Fi always use a VPN to protect you against internet Hackers, even when you are not using public Wi-Fi. What a VPN does is it encrypts all communications coming from your phone in such a way no one can make sense of them.

So, even if someone was looking at your traffic they’ll still not know what you’re doing or what sites you’re visiting. There are free VPN you can install and use on the Google play store and Apple store like Tor, Ghostpath, CyberGhost or Hotspot Shield VPN.

CyberGhost warns users about the lurking dangers online. Given that more than 60% of the attacks are made through unsafe websites, this tool comes in handy when making online payments or providing sensitive information. Tracking attempts are also blocked.

Also use HTTPS connections, because it’s much safer to use HTPPS connection and you don’t have to worry about entering your credentials on HTTP websites. HTTPS websites encrypt all your communication with that site.

7. Do Not Jailbreak or Root Your Device

Leave your device just as you bought it because if you jailbreak your iPhone or Root your android device you open up the phone to many vulnerabilities.

Your phones apps will have access to all kinds of data of your phone. Leaving you venerable only do this if you know what you’re doing otherwise I strongly advice not to do it.

8. Update Your Device

Don’t neglect this always use a device that is easily updatable. Hundreds of millions of Android phones a stuck on versions of the operating system that can never be patched and are trivial to compromise. Activate your update alerts immediately, rather than opt for “reminder me later”.

These updates patch up security holes so that evolving cyber-pathogens don’t gain entry. Updates protect you from internet hackers and other kinds of malware.

9. Backup Your Data

Backup you data frequently at least once a week. Use trusted clouds where you can back up your data safely don’t just use any other cloud. There are a few cloud services that offer a encrypting feature cloud like Mega Sync, iCloud & Google Drive.

10. Turn On Remote Wipe

These feature should never be overlooked with these feature you can remotely wipe your device from anywhere in the world without having to touch your phone. This feature can be very important when you lose your phone and you don’t want anyone looking over your staff.

11. Bonus

Last but not least. These scams occur when a cyber-thief calls or emails while posing as banking or merchant account official and attempts to collect login information. A sophisticated scammer can create a site that looks legitimate, so never give out unsolicited account credentials or provide information through a source that is not secure.

Don’t download any documents from unknown emails unless you’re 100 percent sure of where the email is coming. Downloading email documents from unknown sources makes you venerable because you’re not really sure of what you are downloading.

Don’t give out your devices IMEI or MEID numbers.
Whenever you’re trying to send sensitive data to one of your family or friends please don’t use other social media, only use social messengers that allow end to end encryption like WhatsApp, iMessage and Telegram.

Always factory reset and clear data on your device before you sell or recycle it.

Finally, if you have employees make sure they know how to keep your company information safe.


If you at least manage to follow 80 – 90 percent you will manage to secure your phone. We must never be careless of how we use our devices. Always be cautious whenever possible especially when it comes to the issue of using public Wifi’s.

Do you know some more interesting ways to secure your phone? Please let me know in the comment section we might review it and also include it among this list.

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