Top Best Beautiful Linux OS

Top Best Beautiful Linux OS


Most of the time people think less of Linux distros. Because most pc users think Linux distros is based for nerd’s people who know a lot about computers. The other impression is people also think that Linux is not user friendly. That’s not the case Linux is growing a faster rate at the moment. Linux distros are more users friendly and at the top of that they come with very simple user interfaces. They come in different flavors all of them come with unique and different features that entice you to use them.

Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver comes with a beautiful user interface which is really attractive in color. Since Ubuntu 17. 10 GNOME 3 is the default GUI for Ubuntu Desktop while Unity is still the default for older versions.

GNOME 3 is well integrated with Ubuntu I think made a wise decision in choosing GNOME 3 has the default they perfectly blend well together.

Ubuntu comes with a wide variety of software’s that includes LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Transmission and several other lightweight games such as Sudoku and chees.

Top Best Linux Distros

Top Best Lightweight Linux Distros

 Elementary OS

Elementary OS

Elementary OS is a Linux distro which is based on Ubuntu and it’s also a flagship distro for Pantheon desktop environment.

Pantheon’s main shell is deeply integrated with other elementary OS applications like Plank (a dock), GNOME Web and scratch a simple text editor. Elementary uses Gala as its window manager which based on Mutter.

Elementary design closely resembles that of macOS both visually and in terms of user experience. Despite that it looks quiet unique in its own beauty. Elementary has its own app store that simplifies the process of installing and updating applications. It’s called AppCenter which is the biggest feature in Loki release.

I love the way Elementary OS looks very elegant, this OS makes your laptop or desktop look awesome. The UI is really pleasing at the first site. I swear I fell in love with it when I tried it on USB stick and immediately I later installed it.


Deepin Linux is an open source which created by a Chinese company. It comes with an impressive homegrown desktop design called Deeping Desktop Environment or DDE.

Deepin developers have built their own ecosystem of homegrown applications. Applications such as the Deeping Software Center, Deepin Music Player and Deeping Media Player.  It supports about 30 languages.

The Deeping desktop design is snazzy yet simple to use. The docking bar resembles that of Mac OS X, but is far as the Mac comparison goes. Much like a rolling update, the system software automatically updates as the repository gets new updates.

My most favorite feature in Deepin Linux is an introduced new blur and transparent style to the control Center and desktop, which makes the overall look more appealing.

Deeping Linux is of the sexiest and pretty Linux around. It comes with Hot Corners and Gestures that make your computer desktop experience refreshing.

Zorin OS

Zorin OS is another Linux distro which is based on Ubuntu. It’s powered by GNOME Shell and such as similar functionality with regards to window management, hot keys. Where it differs though is in the variety of customizations that have been integrated.

It has a beautiful desktop integration with icon themes; Paper also helps give Zorin Os a modern beautiful look.

My favorite feature in Zorin OS is the customization feature which has been integrated in the settings panel. No need of using terminal in order to change visual appearance. It also has a app called Zorin Appearance Which lets you customize  panel arrangement,  color schemes and a ton of other options allowing you to create a truly “uniquely yours” desktop experience.

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