How to use WhatsApp Send messages option on Group settings

WhatsApp, WhatsApp group, WhatsApp update, WhatsApp new feature, WhatsApp Group admins, WhatsApp send messages, WhatsApp group features, WhatsApp newsWhatsApp’s new option called ‘Send Message’ has been added in the Group Settings menu.

WhatsApp has rolled out its latest update for Android and iOS, which gives more control to group admins. The Facebook-owned company now lets admins of groups decide whether all participants or only group admins can post on a group. The new option called ‘Send Message’ has been added in the Group Settings menu. WhatsApp users on Android and iOS will have to download the latest version of the app to access the feature.

WhatsApp ‘Send Message’ is a minor update, though it could prove to be useful for group admins who want to limit groups  for announcements and not discussions. WhatsApp group admins can change option to ‘All participants’ at anytime. The group members will be notified of change of settings via a message on the group itself. Do note the feature is only available for admins of groups on WhatsApp. The ‘Group Settings’ menu will not be visible to people who are not admins. Let us take a look at how to use the ‘Send Message’ option on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Send messages for group admins: Here’s how to use

• WhatsApp users will need to open a group they are admin of.

• Click on Group info and tap on ‘Group Settings’ option below Media visibility and Encryption tabs.

• Currently WhatsApp offers three options under Group settings – Edit group info, Send messages, and Edit group admins

• Upon clicking on Send messages, users will be given two options – All participants and Only admins. One of the two options can be chosen to let all participants of a group or only admins send messages on group.

• In case admins decide to switch options in between, all group participants will be notified of change on the group.

• For instance, when users change Send Message settings to ‘Only admins’ from ‘All participants’, a message will be sent on the group, which reads, “You changed this group’s settings to allow only admins to send messages to this group”.

In addition to Send Messages, admins can also decide whether all participants or only group admins can edit group info. The option is also available in Group settings. In fact, admins can make other participants also admin and dismiss them as admin at anytime without removing them from the group.

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