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Elyazer Emmanuel

My name is Elyazer Emmanuel,

I live in Lusaka, Zambia my favorite city in the country. My country is one of the quiet countries you can ever encounter. Thank God for the peace we have in Zambia.

I am a programmer and a blogger, I have been programming for 3 years now. I started programming when I was 18 years old as soon as I finished my school I hit the bus and started learning to code.

My first programming language to learn was C++ no wonder me and C++ are a beautiful couple. I don’t know what I would do without it. My favorite text editor is Atom I feel like it understands me better than any other text editor.

Have always had a thing for computers even when I was young, I could fix phones up when they weren’t working. Technology has played a big role in my life, When was I young I used to love watching BIBLE Man. I always admired watching Bible man talk to his computer assistant U.N.I.C.E. Since then have had a huge interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). That is where I got the inspiration of creating my own Artificial Chat-bot I could talk too. I am still working on Chat-bot called Zira, have been working on her for the past 8 months since 2017 August.

Most of you know me because of Auxilia Engine; yes Auxilia was inspired by Zira. When I was creating Zira I had an idea of creating an Engine that could work as a plugging inside the brain. The engine was supposed to be responsible for most of the work and actions happening in Zira. I thought that if I could create an Engine separately it could be more powerful than creating together with other functions, I guess I was right because now am able to see clearly and understand better than have had.

Okay enough talking about Chatbot’s Let talk about something else.

Elyazer Emmanuel
Elyazer Emmanuel

What do I do in my spare time?

To tell you the truth I still code in my spare time there is no rest for me most of the time. In my spare time of course I love swimming, exploring new places and reading books. I am the type of guy that believes that Knowledge is power. So how do I gain knowledge? By praying and reading books. [ Read Books Gain Knowledge!!! ]

I forgot one thing, I love listening to music and playing around with Fl studio. Music also inspires a lot.

Did I mention that I am able to speak 4 languages? Yes I am able to speak Bemba, Nyanja, English and Chinese Mandarin.

Okay I hope you’ve had a hint about my life thanks for the support if you would like to know more about me you can always feel free to email me at [email protected] or check out my Contact page.



Elyazer Emmanuel